The Talent Pool is a local network connecting girls with professional women in their neighborhood from varied backgrounds, industries and life experiences, who are willing to share their career journeys and provide a look into their world of work.



We all need role models to help us become our best selves. But let's be frank, in a world where women are underrepresented at every level in corporate America (check out the Center for American Progress if you're interested in some shocking stats), we can all do more to help young girls and women aim high and achieve their dreams.

It's so important for younger generations to see women they know in a variety of roles. Hearing from positive female role models who are making an impact in the workplace and in the world, sends the message to girls that opportunities are truly limitless regardless of your gender.


Being a female role model requires confidence not rooted solely in career or status, but in seeing the value in herself and in whatever role(s) she chooses to play. This quality is exactly why female role models are so important, and why regardless of job title or employer, we should celebrate it!


Back in 2011 when I was pregnant with my second child, I found out I was going to have a daughter and I had a bit of a freak-out. Not because I didn’t want a girl, but because I was terrified about her growing up in a world where based on her gender, she would be told what she should do, how she should act and what she should be when she grows up; this despite how hard she worked and what she achieved.


I wanted my girl (and my son too, for that matter) to believe that favorite colors, toy preferences, and career aspirations were all up for grabs, rather than pre-assigned by gender.  

Fast forward a handful of years and when asked what she wants to be when she grows up, I notice my daughter’s answers echo the careers of women she sees in her life every day. In essence, she wants to “be it” because she can “see it”. We are fortunate to live in a community where my daughter and many other young girls have access to countless highly motivated, intelligent, and accomplished women, and I for one would like my girl to meet and learn from as many of them as possible. And thus, the idea for The Talent Pool was born.

My mission is to create a platform that will spark career inspiration and raise aspirations in young girls, connecting them to female role models in their own community; a place where any young girl in Piedmont can easily meet with high-achieving women who have experience in careers they are interested in.

I am grateful for all of the women who have agreed to join me on this journey to give our girls as many positive role models as possible, helping to surround them with women who are succeeding in their personal and professional lives every day.  

Linda Song Wendel

Founder of The Talent Pool

PS: We are always looking for additional role models to add to our network. If you're a woman living in Piedmont, and are interested 

in joining the Talent Pool as a role model, please contact us at talentpoolpiedmont@gmail.com