Role Models

Research shows that the greatest determinant of a young girls’ future success is her access to strong, visible, capable female role models who can show her how to unearth her talents, find her voice and have the conviction to pursue her dreams. The Talent Pool aims to leverage the power of Piedmont’s adult female community to help inspire our girls and raise their aspirations. To join our network as a female role model, contact talentpoolpiedmont@gmail.com.


Coming Soon

We hope to organize quarterly panel discussions featuring professional women by industry and sector, to ignite conversations that connect and inspire members and role models alike. Open to the public, these events will allow us to shine a light on some of the amazing women in Piedmont and hear them talk about their lives, careers, choices, and experiences.


Networking Opps

Talent Pool Socials provide opportunities for women in Piedmont to connect and network with one another while providing a platform to inspire and grow our pool of role models. These are hosted by role models or local retail sponsors who want to support The Talent Pool, its role models, and members. If you are a local business interested in sponsoring, please contact talentpoolpiedmont@gmail.com.